Open Cannabis Data for Your Technology

Otreeba comes from the word "abierto" which means "open."

We offer standardized cannabis data and normalization for cannabis seed companies, strains, brands, products, batches, retailers, and studies through a REST API.

Cannabis Circuit Leaf

We collect, maintain, and provide structured data about cannabis brands, products, and medical studies.

So you don't have to.


Intelligent text matching and normalization.

Our search matching and normalization capabilities are custom built for cannabis on top of millions of data points from tens of thousands of products, words, and phrases. Even incorrect names for products can be normalized.


Photo label recognition. Take photo, get data.

Enable your users and applications to recognize information about products by simply snapping a photo of a label. Find detailed information about the seed company, strain, brand, product, lab tests, where it was purchased, and more!


Open data.

Structured data about seed companies, strains, brands, products, batches, retailers, and studies.


Open API.

RESTful interface built on the Open API Specification (Swagger). PHP. PostgreSQL. redis. Lumen. Google Cloud Platform.


Open tech.

Cannabis technology? Otreeba. Forums, links, repos, and community for cannabis developers.

Digital cannabis communication.

There are thousands of new and old cannabis technologies with no standard way to commnuicate about cannabis and cannabis products. We're here to change that.

No Communication in Cannabis Industry

Transparency. Safety. Accuracy.

Standardized cannabis data allows for cannabis technologies to easily communicate about cannabis and cannabis products. We do this using our Open Cannabis Product Code.

Communication in Cannabis Industry

People think we're on to something.

Start building the next great cannabis technology, today!